Foul Play? Australian #RogerJohnHussey Falls to His Death While Parasailing in Phuket, Thailand

Australian Tourist Falls to His Death While Parasailing in Phuket, Thailand

                        Video is in the link below

A 71 year old Australian man named Roger John Hussey fell to his death while parasailing on Kata beach on the island of Phuket in Thailand.

The video shows a member of the parasailing company strapping Mr. Hussey into safety harness. However he fails to fasten the straps that should have gone between Mr. Hussey’s legs. Without these straps, he slipped out of the harness and fell to his death.

To your regular sheeple, this should seem like your regular accident, but there is a kicker that only the readers of Best Gore would understand – the video was filmed by Mr. Hussey’s wife whose name is Budsabong Thongsangka. And Mr. Hussey was a successful businessman and a very wealthy man, who was on the board of numerous companies including Landgate WA, WA Neuroscience Research Institute and the nonprofit Bali Eye Foundation.

So what we have here is a Thai gold digger who entraps a very high net worth western prey. We’ve heard of hundreds of cases of Thai women maintaining a relationship with a tricked man and pretending to love him long time until he’s pleased with how devoted and loyal his Thai wife is, only to end up falling to his death under dubious circumstances shortly after changing his will to assign everything, or most of what he owned to her. She doesn’t work alone – the police, thugs, Thai businesses and whoever else is necessary to secure the score work together to put on the show, and then they split the loot. Thai police declare his death an accident or a suicide, and the girl is off to another unaware westerner.


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